Technical Interview Redux

The job interview marathon continues, and consequently this will be a short one. But I feel that I omitted a critical, seemingly obvious piece of information in my previous post:

Technical interviewing is a skill like any other, and it is built with practice. It is a mistake, at least for me, to assume that since I can build awesome stuff I therefore must possess good technical interviewee skills. In my experience, the two skills seem almost orthogonal. Here’s how I’ve been building my technical interview chops.

  • Develop a system. I found this post about breaking down interview questions to be quite helpful.
  • Drill, drill, drill. The previous link mentions Topcoder as a good source of practice material. I actually prefer the Dailyprogrammer subreddit. The comments tend to be highly educational, with solutions in a variety of languages.
  • Warm up just before the interview. Lately I’ve been doing a problem or two on Dailyprogrammer just prior to the interview. Typically, I’ll choose an intermediate or easy problem, just to build confidence.
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